Scoops Session FAQs

When and where do we play?

Wellesley Scoops offers two seasons to play.  

  • Fall (which field hockey is a fall sport), we offer 7 weeks to learn and develop field hockey skills. 

    • September 15th through November 3rd, not including Columbus Day weekend.

    • In the past, we have offered 2 time slots, Grades 1-4 and Grades 5-7.  

    • Each season we assess the # of players registered in each age/grade and make time slots accordingly. 

    • We also consider the players' development and overall size when matching up age groups.  i.e., 4th/5th grade would not play with 7th grade. 

    • Starting Fall 2019, Wellesley College Turf Field will have lights therefore the times offered may be shifted to take into account multiple activities and time commitments of our players.

  • Spring (which we offer a shortened competitive season), we offer 4 weeks of "Spring Scrimmages" ​

    • Generally starts in April and ends in May.

    • All scrimmages are usually played from 5:00 - 6:00 pm @ Wellesley College Turf Field, unless otherwise notified. 

    • These are called instructional scrimmages since we have players learn and practice an offensive and defensive skill and there are stops in play to help players learn how the game is played.

Who are the Coaches?

In the past, Wellesley Scoops has been very fortunate to partner with Wellesley College and their coaches.  Along with the Wellesley College student athletes, they have helped lead our Scoops players to provide a fabulously fun and nurturing learning environment.  We also invite the Wellesley High School field hockey players to help out as well.   In the past, the entire team has been asked to volunteer on these Sundays to help coach our players.  At times, if we don't have enough student athlete volunteers, then parent volunteers will help out at practices to help with player safety as well as player focus. 

Since we partner with Wellesley College, Wellesley College does require parents/players to sign their own waivers of liabiilty.  Wellesley College now provides these waivers online and for parents to use a link to electronically agree and consent to these waivers of liability.  if you have not electronically signed this waiver, please do so now.  Otherwise, your daughter will not be able to play until these waiver forms are signed.  Thank you! 

Wellesley College: Wellesley Scoops Assumption of Risk and Release of All Claims form

At timesl, Wellesley Scoops will be partnering with multiple local college student athlete varsity field hockey players to coach, including and not limited to, Wellesley College, Babson College, Clark University and others. 

What skill level is required?

Since competitive field hockey does not start until 7th grade in Wellesley and middle school in surrounding towns, no prior experience is required.  Wellesley Scoops purpose is to grow the game while having fun.  The Scoops sessions are focused on teaching fundamental basic field hockey skills.  Since we are a fundamental skills based program, as our players' skills develop, we will introduce more concepts, drills and fun competitive play. 


Wellesley Scoops groups players according to school/district, grade and experience level.

What equipment do I need and where can I get it?

Wellesley Scoops will have field hockey sticks and balls available to use during each session.  Sticks are on a first come first serve basis when arriving at practice each week.


Otherwise you may buy your own stick.  In addition you will need the following:

  • Goggles – you may use the same ones used for lacrosse

  • Mouth guard

  • Shin guards – you can use the same ones used for soccer

  • Water bottle

  • Sneakers – these will be better for a turf field

  • Field Hockey Gloves – not necessary but may be good for the cooler weather.


Members of Wellesley Scoops get a discount to Harrow Sports (enter code:  FUNFH12 for 20% discount at checkout) and CranBarry (enter code: ScoopsFP14 for 20% discount at checkout).


**Any major sports store should carry field hockey equipment.  Click here to see additional information on equipment buying guide.

Your daughter will not be allowed to play if she does not wear a mouth guard, goggles or shin guards.  She will be asked to sit on the sidelines until she obtains them.  This is for safety reasons.  We appreciate your understanding. 

Will we still play if it rains or snows?

We will still hold practice and/or scrimmages regardless of the weather (unless of course there's a state of emergency).   Unless it is a steady rain or snow, we will have practice outside on the turf field.  If the rain is light, we will hold practice outside on the turf field.  We will hold practice outside if it is cold temperatures and even light snow, unless the turf field is closed due to snowfall.  If we cancel practice, we will update our website with this information on our home page by noon.  


If there is heavy rain and/or snow, we may have the opportunity to hold practice in Wellesley's Field House (which is located at the opposite end of the parking lot).   Since the field space is limited inside the field house, these practices will be modified accordingly.  

Sportsmanship Policy

Wellesley Scoops teaches fundamental basic field hockey skills.  We teach respect and good sportsmanship.  We encourage friendly competition but recognize that our program is focused on teaching a new team sport to our players.  Therefore, patience and respect from our coaches, players and parents are key to positive player experience.  

If a player is disruptive to the learning experience, coaches will politely/kindly ask a player to sit out for a drill until the player is ready to engage in a positive way. 

Refund Policy

If a player is registered during an early registration period and did not meet that registration period’s criteria, they will need to re-register subject to space availability plus a $10 transaction fee.  

At the start of the session, if a player decides to not participate in the session, a refund will only be made, less $10 transaction fee, if another player has been able to register.  This is due to the 100 player max on the field.  We have fixed costs and pay for field, coach and equipment regardless of the # of registered players.  Thank you for understanding.

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